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Cubby Storage Home Office Decor – Texas Made

XL Reclaimed Wood Wall 36 Cubby Hole Cubby Christmas

Here’s the backstory of our cubby storage business

One day the wife says, “I’d like a cubby.”

I said, “what’s a cubby?”

So together we designed one for our own home.

We sourced planet-friendly reclaimed wood and started offering these on our online store.

We have sold thousands of these with rave reviews.

Cubbies created for collections, seasonal décor, coffee mugs, DVDs, music CDs, wine glasses, and more.

A new product line – born from an idea, collaborative design, and a desire to be eco-friendly.

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oversize coffee mug storage cubbies
reclaimed wood dvd storage cubbies

Cubby Storage Ideas

Great for business use including breakroom coffee areas, retail displays, and home office organization.

We offer environmentally friendly, handmade reclaimed wood storage cubbies that are designed for oversize coffee mugs, bathroom storage, kitchen décor, wine glasses, music CDs, movie DVD and game cases, canning jars, and baby food jars.

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