Coming Through the Rye Remington Sculpture


Beginning in 1902, only twenty of these Frederic Remington sculptures were cast by the Roman Bronze Works. Coming Through the Rye is one of our fine art reproductions celebrating the old west.

Also known as Off the Trail and Shooting Up the Town, four cowboys galloping on horseback sweep into town, firing their pistols into the air with joyful abandon. One of Remington’s more popular pieces, from our western bronze sculptures collection.

Like the original Remington Coming Through the Rye sculptures, these western art reproductions are produced using the lost wax casting method. Lost wax casting is usually preferred to sand casting because the resulting reproduction retains a closer resemblance to the original model. We offer this western bronze in your choice of two sizes: a 12 inch high desktop credenza size and a 32 inch high regular (slightly larger than the size Remington made the original artwork bronze in).

Special note: we are in the process of upgrading our bronze sculpture images for the Coming through the Rye. This item is now 100% handmade and assembled in the good ‘ol USA. Thanks for your patience while we transition to new pictures which have a rectangular walnut hardwood base :-).


Custom Made for You! We may have one available quicker but generally takes 4-6 Weeks. Feel free to call for specific timing.


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