Reclaimed Wood Cubby Hole Cubbies

Reclaimed Wood Cubby Hole CubbiesLet your imagination go Texas Crazy with these reclaimed wood cubby hole cubbies, part of our Texas Home Decor collection.

These wonderful unique accents are made in Texas of enviro-friendly old weathered wood that has been recycled and repurposed for new use. Fill our cubbies with your special decorating accents and collectibles. So you can sit these rustic barnwood cubbies on a table or be mounted as wall decor. Use for collections, seasonal displays or extra storage in any room of the house. We do not include the decorator accents shown in the cubby images.

Reclaimed Wood Cubby Hole Cubbies Options

Our cubby holes have inside dimensions that can be found by looking on each product page, as the size may vary. Select from four sizes of display cubbies: 9 cubby hole, 16 cubby hole, 25 cubby hole and 36 cubby hole options. We also offer a custom version of our reclaimed wood cubbies for those who desire a specialized cubby hole size. Notice each cubby storage unit comes with wall mount hardware and a list of mounting options. Note: Each cubby is made from reclaimed barnwood which will result in unique coloring and grain patterns on each item. So, no two cubbies look exactly alike. For more details on these reclaimed wood cubby hole cubbies, click on any picture below. #reclaimedwoodcubbies

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Showing all 12 results