Cowhide Rug Longhorn Orange and White


Texas has had a love affair with all things leather since before her founding in the early 1800s. No other material compares for beauty, durability, longevity, style, flexibility, and value. This hair on hide cowhide rug longhorn with orange and white tones is an iconic centerpiece for your western Texas office decor or Texas home decor.

These cowhide rugs are hand selected and genuine custom tanned leather, which done properly leaves the hair on hide with that wonderful texture and yet relaxed enough to position on a floor or drape over a sofa, large table or bed. Imported.

Cowhide Rug Longhorn Sizing

The cowhide rug longhorn comes in your choice of five sizes:
MEDIUM (measures from 32 to 34.9 square feet)
LARGE (measures from 35 to 39.9 square feet)
EXTRA LARGE (measures from 40 to 43.9 square feet)
JUMBO (measures from 44 to 49.9 square feet)
MEGA JUMBO (measures from 50 or more square feet).

This cowhide rug longhorn is first quality. That said, every hide has character marks and no two natural cowhide rugs have the same exact pattern or colors as shown in the picture. THESE COWHIDE RUGS ARE NOT EXCHANGEABLE OR RETURNABLE so please make your purchase carefully!

PS. As you might imagine, the Texas longhorn predates but still celebrates the UT Longhorn as well!


In Stock. Normally the warehouse maintains inventory of longhorn cowhides in each of the five sizes. Should we be temporarily out of stock in a size, we will email or call you with options (change size or cancel the order).


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Comes in your choice of five sizes

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