Frederic Remington Sculptures

closeup of Frederic Remington Bronco Buster sculpture
Celebrate Texas rich history with these Frederic Remington Sculptures, from our western bronze sculptures collection, which capture scenes from our cowboy heritage.

While not a Texan nor one of our Texas artists, Remington’s western themed writings, paintings, and sculptures have captured and then shared the richness of the early west with the whole nation; helping to popularize and immortalize the American cowboy. Already an accomplished magazine illustrator, correspondent, and artist with oil and canvas, Frederic Remington (1861-1909) began to experiment with bronze sculpture in his early 30s. He was convinced his work would endure in bronze that “even rust does not touch”. In all, a total of separate twenty-two sculptures (with multiple copies of each) were produced by two foundries: The Henry-Bonnard Bronze Company and later the Roman Bronze Works.

Remington bronzes continued to be produced after the artist death until 1919. The will of Remington’s wife stipulated that all models used for casting “authorized” Remington bronzes were to be destroyed which was accomplished by the Roman Bronze Works foundry in the Spring of 1919. In the 1970s however, federal artist protection from duplication of his works expired, enabling the recasting and reproduction of Remington bronzes in the public domain, either by taking a rubber mold of an authorized cast, or for another artist to recreate a close representation. This allows the general public to enrich their own home and office decor in a way that is often reserved for only the wealthy or requires a visit to a select few museums. So enjoy!

These fine art reproduction Frederic Remington bronzes are perfect decorating accents for that Texas themed office or home decor. For more information on our Frederic Remington Sculptures, click on any picture below:

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