The Rattlesnake Remington Sculpture


The Roman Bronze Works began the original casting of The Rattlesnake Remington sculpture in 1905. The sculpture captures an unsettling moment that leaves the cowboy hanging onto a spooked horse. These Frederic Remington sculptures are fine art reproductions of one of his more famous pieces.

Also know as Snake in the Path, a cowboy fights to keep his balance while the rearing horse shies from an upturned rattlesnake. One of our western bronze sculptures, this piece depicts an all-too-common danger found in the West.

Like the original Remington sculptures, these western art reproductions are produced using the lost wax casting method. Lost wax casting is usually preferred to sand casting because the resulting reproduction retains a closer resemblance to the original model.

The mini rattlesnake size comes with a beautiful walnut base measuring 2 x 3 x 3/4 inches thick, with the bronze itself measuring 4 inches high attached on top. A Regular large size with the bronze totaling 23 inches high (the original Rattlesnake was cast in this one size which is why it is called a regular). A polished walnut hardwood base measures 10 x 17 x 1 1/2 inches thick. This regular size rattlesnake bronze weighs approximately 60 lbs.

Special note: we are in the process of updating our sculpture images. The Rattlesnake Remington sculpture we offer is genuine bronze but now the sculpture is 100% handmade and assembled in the good ol’ USA. Thanks for understanding while we work to update these sculpture images 🙂


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