The Wicked Pony Remington Sculpture


Relatively rare because of a foundry fire, only eight original castings of The Wicked Pony were produced by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Company, beginning in 1898 (two known castings were completed by the Roman Bronze Works as well).

These western bronze Frederic Remington sculptures are fine art reproductions which feature a rider who has fallen from his bucking horse. Reaching out to the ear, he attempts to subdue an angry horse from his vulnerable position. According to the artist who captured the moment in bronze, the final outcome left the thrown rider with much more than mere injured pride.

Also known as The Fallen Rider, the original Wicked Pony is about 22 inches in height. This is another depiction of life in the early West from our western bronze sculptures collection.

Remington challenged the sculpture techniques of his day by the innovative ways that he worked with the foundry to present movement in his bronze statues. On The Wicked Pony, the horse nose and hooves form a strong base under the horse to take best advantage of the strength of the bronze material while portraying the active battle between man and animal. These western art reproductions are produced using the lost wax casting method. Lost wax casting is usually preferred to sand casting because the resulting reproduction retains a closer resemblance to the original model.

The Wicked Pony desktop size bronze measures 9 1/2 inches high and comes mounted on a beautiful walnut base measuring 4 W x 7 L x 1 1/2 H with a weight of approximately 8 lbs. The larger regular aka original full size bronze sculpture is 21 inches high and comes with a walnut base that measures 10 W x 21 L x 1 1/2 H and weighs approximately 70 lbs. This Frederic Remington bronze sculpture is proudly made and assembled in the US.


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