The Outlaw Remington Sculpture


The Roman Bronze Works began the original lost wax casting of The Outlaw Remington sculpture in 1906. These Frederic Remington sculptures are fine art reproductions featuring a cowboy breaking a bucking bronco that is unsuccessfully trying to throw his rider. The unruffled balance and poise of the cowboy shows us who will most likely win this battle of wills between cowboy and outlaw.

Remington challenged sculpture techniques of his day by the innovative ways he used to present movement in his bronze statues. On The Outlaw, only the front hooves of the horse touch the ground, forcing Remington to take special design care that respects the strength of the bronze material.

Measuring 22 inches tall, the original Outlaw is one of the more popular Remington bronzes. This depiction of life in the early West is part of our western bronze sculptures collection.

Like the original Remington sculptures, these western art reproductions are produced using the lost wax casting method. Lost wax casting is usually preferred to sand casting because the resulting reproduction retains a closer resemblance to the original model.

The Outlaw 9 1/2 inch desktop size is mounted on a beautiful walnut base measuring 4 x 7 x 1 1/2 inches and weighs approximately 8 lbs (as featured). A larger 22 inch regular size (regular meaning Remington specified this size for the original casting) mounted on a 9 x 16 x 1 1/2 inch walnut base. The outlaw sculpture measures 22 H x 14 W and weighing approximately 33 lbs.

Special note: we are in the process of updating our sculpture images. The Outlaw Remington sculpture we now offer is genuine bronze but now the sculpture is 100% handmade and assembled in the good ol’ USA. Thanks for understanding while we work to update these sculpture images 🙂


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