US Army Flag Framed


Support our troops with a framed US Army flag from our framed US military flags collection.

This framed flag of the United States Army is made in the USA. Each nylon military flag is mounted in your choice of two styles: distressed light barnwood frame (as featured) or a custom dark stained barnwood frame. These military flags come in two standard sizes: 2 x 4 foot (24 x 36 inches) set in a 28 x 38 inch frame and 3 x 5 foot (36 x 60 inches) set in a 37 x 61 inch frame.

US Army flag meaning

The military flag of the United States Army features the original War Office seal, which is now the seal of the Department of the Army. Included in that seal are a Roman breastplate known as a cuirass – a symbol of strength and defense, an early US flag and a second flag emphasizing the role of the Army in the formation and defense of the Nation, various weapons (cannons, cannon balls, rifle, pike, mortar, mortar bombs), drum and drumsticks (to keep the nation informed it will serve the nation and its people), a cap of liberty suspended on top of an unsheathed sword (holding liberty high), and a scroll held by a rattlesnake (the rattlesnake was an early US symbol – see our framed gadsden flag) whose scroll motto stated, This We’ll Defend, signifying the Army’s resolve to preserve and defend the United States.

Army flag colors

The US Army flag colors are primarily blue and red on a field of white.


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