US Coast Guard Flag Framed


Celebrate the troops with a framed US Coast Guard flag from the US framed US military flags collection.

The current official Coast Guard flag has proudly flown since 1950, and is made in the USA and mounted in one of two frame styles: a distressed light barnwood (as featured) or a custom stained dark barnwood frame for a more formal decorative accent. These nylon military flags come in two standard sizes: a 2 x 3 foot flag (24 x 36 inches) set in a 28 x 38 inch frame and a 3 x 5 foot flag (36 x 60 inches) set in a 37 x 61 inch frame.

US Coast Guard flag meaning

The military flag of the United States Coast Guard depicts the Great Seal of the United States positioned in the middle of a white background. An American bald eagle holds a ribbon in its beak bearing the motto E Pluribus Unum (latin translation: out of many one, signifies the power of focused shared vision of the Coast Guard to carry peace [olive branches] with strength [arrows]). A scroll beneath the Great Seal displays the phrase Semper Paratus 1790, as the Coast Guard has remains always prepared; and has been faithfully serving since 1790. We salute the outstanding protection of the Nation by the US Coast Guard.

Coast Guard flag colors

The US Coast Guard flag colors are primarily blue and red on a field of white.


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