US Air Force Flag Framed


Celebrate the troops with a framed US Air Force flag from the framed US military flags collection.

This nylon Air Force flag, first publicly displayed in 1951, is made in the USA and mounted in one of two frame styles: a distressed light barnwood (as featured) or a custom stained dark barnwood frame for more formal settings. These nylon military flags come in two standard sizes: a 2 x 3 foot flag (24 x 36 inches) set in a 28 x 38 inch frame and a 3 x 5 foot flag (36 x 60 inches) set in a 37 x 61 inch frame.

US Air Force flag meaning

The military flag of the United States Air Force features the USAF Coat of Arms with a 13 white star wreath representing the original 13 colonies encircling, and the Shield and Crest in the middle of a blue background. The Crest consists of an American bald eagle (symbolizing the United States and its air power), a white cloud formation (symbolizing the start of a new sky). The Shield shows a blue sky with multiple thunderbolts radiating out of a pair of wings, indicating the awesome power of aerospace weaponry.

Air Force flag colors

The US Air Force flag colors are primarily brown, white, gold, light blue, and silver on a field of blue with various colors in the Coat of Arms.


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