Framed Texas Flags

First Republic of Texas framed flagThe Texas state flag isn’t just a piece of cloth. These Texas symbols reflect the best of Texas, her lands and people: her determination, character and faith. And Framed Texas Flags keep pride in Texas history alive.

Whether you love early Texas history with stories of Sam Houston, Goliad, Gonzales, San Jacinto, Washington on the Brazos and the first Republic of Texas flag or simply love Texas flag landscapes by Texas artists like Dalhart Windberg or Jane Mauldin, we’ve picked the best framed Texas flags for you to choose from.

Framed Texas Flags details

We have handpicked custom frames with a Texas style, great for your Texas home or office wall décor. Choose a flag frame from enviro-friendly reclaimed wood in natural rustic for a more casual feel. Or a dark stained barnwood for that western den or Texas office. And choose our ornate gold and chocolate frame for your Framed Texas Flags for office entries and such.

Check out our Gonzales Framed Flag flown in 1836, celebrating the famous Come and Take It phrase. Or the tricolor framed Alamo flag, celebrating the 1835 battle for the Texas Alamo. Or the framed first Republic of Texas flag, celebrating the independence of Texas in 1836. And of course our beloved third flag of the Republic of Texas flown beginning in 1839, when Texas was a nation and now with Texas as a state.

These unique Texas framed wall art creations featuring many different Texas flags from our Texas history collection are great choices for all your home and office decorating. . . . that add flair to your surroundings and show you are proud to be a Texan! For more details, click on any picture. #framedtexasflag

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Showing 1–12 of 27 results