Vintage Large 4 x 6 Foot Antiqued US American Flag


Celebrate American with this vintage style 4 x 6 foot antiqued US American flag from our Texas Flag Store.

This 50 state current flag of the United States is made in the USA. The cotton flag as shown is custom tea-stained by hand and so each one will be different, with that wonderful soft, old looking antique flag feel. Note: we have chosen non-cotton thread for the stars so they will remain bright instead of antiqued. This size of this large 4 x 6 Foot antiqued US American flag normally measures 48 x 72 inches, but you should expect shrinkage of at least one inch in each direction from the antiquing process. Two metal grommets are attached on the flag hoist side. Please note that this flag is not designed for outdoor use (the antiquing process will not stand up to outdoor rain, sun, and UV rays, but is perfect in your house, office or covered porch.

4 x 6 Foot Antiqued US American Flag design

The American flag features a fifty white five pointed stars in a blue field covering the top left corner of the flag. The bottom and right portion of the US flag consists of thirteen stripes of alternating white and red. White is the symbol of purity. Blue is the symbol of loyalty. Red is the symbol of bravery. So one may suggest that red held next to the white means that purity enables bravery. And that the flag states will hold together and remain as long as each state remains pure of purpose and brave. The white stars in the middle of a blue field may suggest that as each state stands loyal to the the other states the whole will be in unity. The blue side holds to the flagpole and may suggest that loyalty (always holding on and remaining faithful in spite of trial) allows the fly end of bravery and purity to wave proudly for all to see and hear.

US flag colors

The American flag colors: red, white, and blue. #GodBlessAmerica


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