TX Oil and Gas Shales Map Framed


Celebrate Texas with the TX oil and gas shales map framed from our framed Texas Maps collection.

Carefully researched and illustrated with pen and ink on acrylics, this artwork identifies the following shales:

  • Barnett, Bone Spring, Cline, Delaware, Eagle Ford, Granite Wash, Haynesville, Wolfberry, and Wolfcamp

Portraits of famous oilmen (H.L. Hunt, Sid Richardson, Hugh Roy Cullen, and Clint Murchison), fracking diagram, oil derricks, and other Texas details about oil and gas are sprinkled throughout this artwork.

This framed map of Texas Oil and Gas Shales comes printed on 16 x 20 inch archival paper giclee, and is mounted with your choice of frame: a rustic light natural reclaimed wood, a dark stained reclaimed wood frame, or a chocolate antiqued beaded frame, each measuring approximately 21 1/2 x 25 1/2 inches overall. Larger size giclee frameless gallery wraps are available by phone order.

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About the artist: Christopher A. Smith art comes from a seventh-generation Texan dedicated to researching and illustrating Texas history art subjects that highlight the richness of our past. His works are done in pen and ink using a “stippling” technique. He prides himself in providing extraordinary detail not found in other artworks of this type.


Custom framed for you! Please allow one to two weeks to ship.


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Texas USA

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