Texas Granite Mosaic Designs

Listed below are our most popular Texas Granite Mosaic Designs for our line of Texas outdoor patio furntiure.  These custom stone top fire tables, fire pits and dining tables feature mosaic table tops from our Texas Patio collection of outdoor furniture. Hand made in Texas using all natural granites and travertines. Review the pictures below so you can select the best color palette and Texas design for you. Choose from longhorn, Texas state map shapes, and of course mosaic patterns featuring our beloved lone star.

Mosaic Longhorn Granite Pattern # 26Longhorn Mosaic Granite pattern # 22Lone Star Mosaic Granite pattern # 30Lone Star Mosaic Pattern Granite # 22Lone Star Mosaic Granite Pattern # 50Texas map mosaic pattern # 21Texas State Map Mosaic Granite Pattern # 21aTexas map shape granite pattern # 1609Texas state map mosaic granite pattern # 31

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    Custom Made Texas Patio Dining Tables

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    Texas Patio Fire Pits

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