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Just like every toolbox has some sort of a hammer, the Texas Lifestyle always has a pair (or two) of cowboy boots for work and dress. Our Hondo Boots store lets you order handmade custom boots online.

Hondo Boots Custom Features

Soft, full grain cowhide lining
Top grade leather insoles and outsoles
Solid steel shanks to prevent arches from collapsing
Hand lasted for exceptional foot support
All leather, no synthetic materials
Traditional boot construction allows you to repair worn soles multiple times at qualified boot repair shops.

The Hondo Boots Story

Using only the highest grade leather materials since 1965, this El Paso-based bootmaker has been keeping the boot making tradition alive. Their totally handcrafted boots, made just south of the border in Mexico, are a deliberate rejection of mechanization in order to produce an all leather boot of superior durability and comfort. While boots made by machine may offer the same look, handcrafted Hondo Boots offer a superior fit and greater comfort that allows you to wear your boots for more hours with less fatigue.

Added in 2013 is our line of Womens Custom Cowboy Boots and Mens Custom Cowboy Boots.

Texas Crazy is an authorized dealer of genuine Hondo Boots ®. Also, the western boots offered below that have the word stock in the name means Hondo Boots carries that boot ready-made in inventory for immediate shipment (usually in only one toe/heel combination). Please note we can also assist you with a custom pair of Hondo boots in the same model number with the toe, sole, heel combination you specify (please contact us for more details.) To check out our handcrafted, all leather Hondo cowboy boots, click on any picture below.

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  • 8394 tooled leather boot bag duffel

    Large Tooled Leather Boot Bag Duffel

  • 7875 retan 13 inch rubber sole cowboy boots

    Hondo Hand Made Retan Cowboy Boots 7875

  • Hondo 8504 custom 16 inch bullhide cowboy boots vamp closeup

    Mens Custom Black Red 16 inch Bullhide Cowboy Boots

  • 2012 Hondo 16 inch retan cowboy boots

    Mens Design Custom 16 inch Chocolate Retan Western Boots 2012

  • Tooled leather carpet boot bag 9513

    Oversize Tooled Leather Carpet Boot Bag

  • 2640 Hondo 11 inch Western Stock Boots

    Mens 11 inch Maple Crazy Horse Western Stock Boots 2640

  • 2348 leather pull up Western Stock Boots

    Mens Custom 13 inch Cocoa Green Pull Up Western Boots 2348

  • 4014 Hondo 16 inch Apache Stock Boots

    Mens Custom 16 inch Navy Honey Apache Western Boots 4014

  • 2670 Hondo 14 inch bullhide cowboy boots

    Mens Custom Western Style 14 inch Black Red Bullhide Boots 2670

  • Hondo 2964 oil tan western boots 13 inch

    Mens Custom Design 13 inch Oil Tan Western Boots

  • 13 inch Hondo 2904 Spanish Shoulder Cowboy Boots

    Mens Custom 13 inch Spanish Shoulder Cowboy Boots

  • Hondo 2644 maple 14 inch crazy horse cowboy boots

    Mens Custom 14 inch Maple Crazy Horse Cowboy Boots

  • Ostrich Print leather cowboy boot bag

    Exotic Print Leather Cowboy Boot Bag

  • Hondo 4000 13 inch patch vamp cowboy boots

    Mens Custom 13 inch Mango Patch Vamp Cowboy Boots

  • Hondo 2668 spanish shoulder 12 inch Western Boots

    Mens Custom Walnut Orange Spanish Shoulder 12 inch Western Boots

  • 3204 Hondo 16 inch Cowboy Boots

    Mens 16 inch Spanish Shoulder Stock Boots 3204


Showing 1–16 of 28 results