Texas Luxury Pens

Custom Texas Cactus Mesquite Wood Gift PensFrom our Texas gifts collection, these unique Texas themed collectible pens are a great conversation starter! Texas luxury pens combine fine machined platinum and titanium roller ball, ballpoint pen, and fountain pen component systems from Taiwan and Germany. Then, each pen features material harvested in South Texas Brush Country, West Texas, and the Texas Hill Country:

  • Cactus Skeleton (Opuntia)
  • Mesquite Wood (Prosopis glandulosa)
  • Hackberry (Celtis reticulata)
  • Texas Elm (Ulmus crassfolia)
  • Spanish Oak (Quercus texana)
  • Mountain Laurel
  • Huisache (Acacia farnesiana)
  • Rattlesnake Skin
  • Deer Antler
  • Crude Oil (Unrefined Petroleum)

Texas Event Planning Ideas

For those planning for an upcoming Texas meeting or a corporate overseas event we offer personalization on our Texas Luxury Pens, company logos on our pen hardwood presentation gift boxes (and volume discounts may be available). If you are in the initial planning stages of your Texas event planning, consider trying out our handy Get Texas Event Planning Ideas service form. We’ll take your event concepts and build a few options for you to consider. We have over ten years experience working with clients to create great branding programs.

For more details on these custom made in Texas fine writing instruments that add richness to your Texas lifestyle, click on any picture in our pen shop gallery below.

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  • pen laser engraving custom

    Custom Pen Laser Engraving

  • Custom Texas Cactus Mesquite Wood Gift Pens

    Cactus Mesquite Wood Pens

  • Texas mesquite antler custom wood pen

    Texas Mesquite Antler Ballpoint Pen

  • Texas Mesquite Live Oak Custom Pen

    Texas Live Oak Mesquite Pen

  • Turquoise Mesquite Business Pen

    Mesquite Turquoise Business Pen

  • rattlesnake business pens grande

    Rattlesnake Business Pens

  • Rosewood pen gift box

    Wooden Pen Gift Box with Company Logo

  • Just Texas mesquite wood pen

    Just Mesquite Custom Pens

  • Texas mesquite pen gift set

    Texas Mesquite Pen Gift Set

  • black gold slim crude oil gift pen

    Black Gold Slim Crude Oil Gift Pen

  • Texas grande antler custom pen

    Texas Grande Antler Writing Pen

  • Texas natives pen set

    Texas Natives Wooden Pen Set

  • Grande pecan custom pen

    Texas Grande Pecan Writing Pen

  • mesquite three pen set with stand

    Texas Mesquite Three Pen Set with Stand

  • black gold hunter crude oil pen

    Black Gold Hunter Crude Oil Pen

  • Texas Hunter Rattlesnake Pen

    Texas Hunter Rattlesnake Pen


Showing 1–16 of 25 results