Liberty or Death Flag 2 x 3 Foot Antiqued – Texas Battle of Goliad flag 1836


If you are a history lover and a proud Texan, you will want to own this, you will love this 2 x 3 foot tea-stained cotton Republic of Texas era Liberty or Death flag from our Texas gifts and Texas flags collections.!

This flag is a replica of the one designed by Joanna Troutman, an 18-year-old girl from Georgia who sewed it for a battalion of Georgia volunteers who were leaving to fight in the Texas Revolution. The original flag was made of white silk (ours is cotton) with a five-pointed blue star and the words Liberty or Death sewn beneath the star (ours is embroidered).

Liberty or Death flag Meaning

On the reverse side of the Liberty or Death flag was the Latin phrase UBI LIBERTAS HABITAT, IBI NOSTRA PATRIA EST, which means Where liberty dwells, there is our fatherland (that phrase is not printed on the back of our flag). The silk flag was raised at Velasco on January 8, 1836, and became known as the Troutman flag.

The Georgia volunteers, led by William Ward, fought bravely for Texas’s independence from Mexico, but they met a tragic fate. They were captured by the Mexican army and executed in the Goliad massacre on March 27, 1836. The original silk flag didn’t hold up well and shredded and later lost or destroyed in the battle of Goliad, Texas.

This flag is a tribute to the courage and sacrifice of those who fought for Texas’s freedom. It is made of high-quality cotton that has been tea-stained to give it an antique and authentic look. It has double stitched edges and reinforced grommet holes for easy hanging. It is suitable for indoor display and will add a touch of history and patriotism to any home or office.

Order yours today and enjoy this 2 x 3 foot tea-stained cotton Republic of Texas era liberty or death flag!

We custom tea-stained these by hand and so each one will be differently shaded with that wonderful soft, old-looking antique flag feel. Please note that the antiquing process on this flag is nuanced compared to our other tea-stained flags, meaning the color change to the blue background is very subtle, and the gold star is most visually changed by the process. This flag normally measures 24 x 36 inches (2 by 3 foot) unstained, but you should expect shrinkage of at least one inch in each direction from the antiquing process. Two metal grommets are attached on the flag hoist side.

Please be aware that while you may wish to hang your Troutman flag outside on a special flag day, we do not recommend it. It is designed as a wonderful Texas-themed indoor decorating item that is not color fast, so the flag will not stand up to direct sunlight or rain without fading.


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