Texas Burnet Flag 2 x 3 Foot Antiqued – Republic of Texas 1836 to 1839


Are you looking for a unique and historical way to decorate your home or office? Do you want to show your pride and passion for the great state of Texas? If so, you will love this 2 x 3 foot tea-stained cotton republic of Texas Burnet flag from our Texas gifts and Texas flags collections.!

This flag is a replica of the second flag of the Republic of Texas, adopted by the first Texas Congress on December 10, 1836. The design was suggested by President David G. Burnet and it features a blue field with a large central gold star. It is sometimes called the Burnet flag or the Lone Star flag.

The Burnet flag was inspired by the flag of the Republic of West Florida, which was also a blue flag with a single white star. The Republic of West Florida was a short-lived independent state that rebelled against Spain in 1810 and included parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. David Burnet lived in Louisiana before he moved to Texas and became the first president of the Texas Republic.

The Texas Burnet flag was used during the American-Spanish War and symbolized Texas unity and independence. It was the official flag of Texas for three years, until January 25, 1839 when the current State of Texas flag was adopted.

This flag is made of high-quality cotton that has been tea-stained to give it a vintage and authentic look. It has double stitched edges and reinforced grommet holes for easy hanging. It is suitable for indoor display and will add charm and character to any room.

This flag is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a piece of history that tells the story of Texas’s struggle for freedom and sovereignty. It is a perfect gift for any Texan or anyone who loves Texas. Order yours today and enjoy this 2 x 3 foot tea-stained cotton republic of Texas Burnet flag!

We custom tea-stained these by hand and so each one will be differently shaded with that wonderful soft, old-looking antique flag feel. Please note that the antiquing process on this flag is nuanced compared to our other tea-stained flags, meaning the color change to the blue background is very subtle, and the gold star is most visually changed by the process. This flag normally measures 24 x 36 inches (2 by 3 foot) unstained, but you should expect shrinkage of at least one inch in each direction from the antiquing process. Two metal grommets are attached on the flag hoist side.

Please be aware that while you may wish to hang your Texas Burnet flag outside on a special flag day, we do not recommend it. It is designed as a wonderful Texas-themed indoor decorating item that is not color fast, so the flag will not stand up to direct sunlight or rain without fading.


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