Large US Flag 10 x 15 Foot Commercial Poly


Display your patriotism with this large 10 x 15 commercial grade poly US flag from our Outdoor Flags collection.

Made in the USA. Heavy duty construction using Polywavez 2 ply sewn polyester fabrics, embroidered star fields, extra durable thread, brass grommets, lock stitching, roped headings, and galvanized metal thimbles, which are all perfect for higher wind conditions regularly experienced in many parts of the country. Weighs 11 pounds.

For best flag to pole proportion, fly your 10 x 15 foot American US flag on a 35, 40 or 50 foot high commercial flagpole (not included). Aluminum flagpoles with several options are available from Texas Crazy. Features include removable crank, internal halyard and stationary or revolving ornaments (eagle or gold ball). Please contact us for details.

Also, check out our blog post on How to care for your Texas and US flags.


Due to heavy demand (patriotism!) for these commercial grade flags, production is running six weeks. You may get lucky and have one shipped out sooner but best to plan accordingly.


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