How to care for your US and Texas outdoor flags

Texas Crazy | How to care for your US and Texas outdoor flags

How to Care for your US and Texas Flag

To get the most from your Polywavez® polyester flag, please consider the following tips for caring for your flag: While all flags are made to fly in the wind, the combination of wind and rain puts additional stress on flag material. Under normal winds, this is not a problem. However when storms are approaching which have a history of producing high winds, whenever possible consider taking down your flag prior to arrival of storms.

Periodically inspect the flying side of your flag for any signs of wear (fraying or torn seams). If you notice any wear appearing, the flag should be rehemmed to extend the life of the flag.

Recognize a clean flag will last longer. Also, if pollutants in the air have gotten into the flag somehow, a cleaning of the flag by washing it with a mild detergent in water, rinsing and hanging dry is helpful.

In all cases, keep your flag away from chemical and petroleum products which may cause a reaction with nylon or polyester flags. If you will be putting your flag away for more than a day, avoid folding it or storing it when it is wet to avoid mildew. Best to let it hang dry completely before putting it away. Back to our Outdoor Flags store.