Mens Custom Cowboy Boots

Don’t know about you but as a guy I absolutely love a certain look and feel to my cowboy boots. And while I appreciate a good deal, I know that to compromise with the wrong western boot toes, heels or leathers, they’ll stay in my closet unworn. And I need several pair of cowboy boots. Don’t ask me to put on dress ropers to power wash the truck. Or take my gal out dancing with old riding boots with barbed wire scrapes on them. Our Mens Custom Cowboy Boots answers my situation and I hope yours real well.

Mens Custom Cowboy BootsHere’s the back story: for years we’ve offered a few styles of genuine Hondo Boots, stock boots in sizes and widths they make in advance for quick shipment (we’re an authorized dealer). We started carrying them originally because we liked the choice Hondo made to keep to traditional hand made construction methods using cowhide lining, top grain leathers, and no synthetic materials. Now full custom boots, built around your foot from scratch cost double or even triple our boot prices, and take a while to produce, and best done by contacting your local boot maker. Through the years we have continued to get a steady stream of calls saying something like “we love your boots, but can we get a riding heel, or pointed toe, or rubber sole, or a place for spurs?” Now, we can finally say yes, you can have it your way.

hondo-2348-pull-up-western-boots-13-fBack in 2013, we started offering mens semi-custom boots online, the kind of custom boots where you get to mix and match all kinds of leathers (exotics like caiman, shark, bison, and old standards like bullhide, Spanish shoulder, ostrich and lizard); with tops; vamps; dress, riding, and walking heels; leather and rubber soles; narrow, pointed, square, and wide rounded toes: all in hundreds of possible combinations. Mens boots are sized from 5 to 15 and from A width to EEE. Simply design your own to get just the right custom boots for every occasion: classic dress boots, durable work boots, everyday school boots, two steppin boots, or boots for western riding. We have done much of the work for you, personally hand selecting the best mens custom cowboy boots in some of the most classic, vintage and functional styles.

Oh yes, one more thing as you consider a pair of custom Hondo boots: TIMING. Our goal is to help you celebrate Texas and exceed your expectations rather than disappoint you. If this boot purchase is for a birthday in a month or two, take a look at our Hondo “stock boots” instead (these are boots that usually are in stock in most men’s standard sizes for a quicker shipping). As you might imagine exotic leather cowboy boots take time in:

  • Locating (somebody has to raise or catch the critters where they live)
  • Tanning (each animal skin tanning process can be unique and very specialized)
  • Ship (from all over the world to the Hondo bootmaking facility)
  • Schedule (all kinds of boot materials arrive and these need close coordination)
  • Produce (custom handcrafted boots – one at a time using old west methods)
  • Quality control (bootmaking is part art, part science)
  • Pack and ship to you.

So, we share this up front so that when you read anywhere from a few weeks for most stock boots orders, or when you choose custom boots figure from THREE for standard leathers and somewhere from FOUR to SEVEN months on the harder to locate exotics on our custom boot delivery, please understand that is an estimate and not a guarantee. There is a complex process going on behind the scenes and that we think you’ll end up pleased and proud of your western boots if you are patient with us on timing. To explore our Mens Custom Cowboy Boots, click on any of the mens boot pictures below.

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  • 8423 tooled leather boot bag

    Western Tooled Leather Cowboy Boot Bags

  • 8394 tooled leather boot bag duffel

    Large Tooled Leather Boot Bag Duffel

  • Hondo 8504 custom 16 inch bullhide cowboy boots vamp closeup

    Mens Custom Black Red 16 inch Bullhide Cowboy Boots

  • Tooled leather carpet boot bag 9513

    Oversize Tooled Leather Carpet Boot Bag

  • soft leather cowboy boot bag

    Soft Leather Cowboy Boot Bag

  • Hondo 2964 oil tan western boots 13 inch

    Mens Custom Design 13 inch Oil Tan Western Boots

  • 13 inch Hondo 2904 Spanish Shoulder Cowboy Boots

    Mens Custom 13 inch Spanish Shoulder Cowboy Boots

  • Hondo 2644 maple 14 inch crazy horse cowboy boots

    Mens Custom 14 inch Maple Crazy Horse Cowboy Boots

  • Ostrich Print leather cowboy boot bag

    Exotic Print Leather Cowboy Boot Bag

  • Hondo 4000 13 inch patch vamp cowboy boots

    Mens Custom 13 inch Mango Patch Vamp Cowboy Boots

  • Hondo 2668 spanish shoulder 12 inch Western Boots

    Mens Custom Walnut Orange Spanish Shoulder 12 inch Western Boots

  • Hondo 9622 custom 14 inch spanish shoulder western boots vamp closeup

    Mens Custom Black Cherry 14 inch Spanish Shoulder Western Boots

  • 11 inch Hondo 3224 spanish shoulder custom boots

    Mens Western Style 11 inch Spanish Shoulder Custom Boots

  • Hondo 2662 12 inch finger pull cowboy boots

    Mens Custom 12 inch Cocoa Bone Finger Pull Cowboy Boots

  • Brindle Leather Cowboy Boot Bag

    Cowhide Hair on Hide Cowboy Boot Bag


Showing all 15 results