Texas History Art

Early Texans artwork Dalhart WindbergTexas History Art doesn’t just list dates and places Xed on an antique Texas map. The story of Texas shows the best of our Texas heritage. It reveals a long line of determined people of character and faith and what they did in this wonderful land. Cowboys, ranchers, cowgirls, statesmen, Indians, settlers, speculators, militia, Rangers, and immigrants all contributed to the building of Texas. Their struggles are reflected in our Texas art paintings and artwork prints, reclaimed wood framed Texas flags, and historical custom framed Texas maps, depicting the stuggle for independence during the Texas Revolution. All Texas artworks are made in Texas USA. For more details about our Texas History Art, click on any picture below. #texashistoryart

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  • Large Texas Flag Framed in Light Barnwood

    Texas Flag Framed

  • republic of texas map 1845 framed light

    Republic of Texas Map 1845 Framed Large

  • Gonzales Come and Take it flag framed

    Gonzales Come and Take It Battle Flag Framed

  • Texas Revolution Map 1836 Framed Large

    Texas Revolution Map 1836 Framed Large

  • Texas New Land of Opportunity Dalhart Windberg

    Texas, A New Land of Opportunity

  • Sixteen Flags over Texas framed in light barnwood

    Sixteen Texas Flags Print Framed

  • Frederic Remington Bronco Buster Bronze Sculpture

    The Bronco Buster Remington Bronze Sculpture

  • Texas cattle trails map framed

    Texas Cattle Trails Map Framed

  • Texas ranger badges closeup custom framed light barnwood

    Texas Ranger Badges Print Framed

  • 1824 Texas alamo flag framed in light barnwood

    Texas Alamo Flag 1824 Framed

  • 1835 1836 texas revolution map framed in light barnwood

    Texas Revolution Map 1835 1836 Framed

  • Texas battle map framed

    Texas Battle Map Framed

  • West Texas Royalty Windberg Texas Artists

    West Texas Royalty Longhorn Art

  • Texas mission trail map framed in light barnwood

    Mission Trail Map San Antonio Framed

  • Alamo Spring art print Jane Mauldin

    Alamo Spring Historical Art Print

  • The alamo battle framed print

    Texas Alamo Battle Print Framed


Showing 1–16 of 21 results