Charles C M Russell Sculptures

Charles M Russell Stagecoach bronze sculpture
Celebrate Texas rich history with these Charles C M Russell Sculptures from our western bronze sculptures and Texas art collections, capturing scenes of our cowboy and Indian western heritage.

While not a Texan nor one of our Texas artists, Charles Marion also known as C M Russell (1864 – 1926) is considered to have produced one of the largest and richest body of works of cowboy and Indian related western themed art and sculpture. He helped to popularize and immortalize the American west with over two thousand works of art. His early years were spent growing up in St. Louis. He pursued drawing and sculpture as a teen. He traveled to Montana in 1880, eventually working as a helper to a prospector, hunter, trapper, and found time to for his artist drawings and models. Some say whatever you gaze on grows in your appreciation of it. Russell’s fascination for Indian culture, western wildlife, and the many images of the western frontiers, birthed in him a deep and lasting respect for the land and its historical preservation, transferring that love to all who have viewed his western artworks.

List of Charles C M Russell Sculptures offers an number of Russell sculpture reproductions including his Will Rogers seated on a horse, Stagecoach, Watcher of the Plains seated Indian brave, Smokin Up depicting a cowboy on horseback shooting into the sky,

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