Texas Arabican Coffee

Texas Arabican CoffeeOkay. You already know Texas doesn’t grow any coffee, so why choose our Texas Arabican Coffee brand? Here’s a few reasons listed below:

Roasted in Texas

Ever walked into an orchard and grabbed a ripe apricot off the tree? It tastes different. No offense to the major coffee brands, but if you are shipping thousands of tons of coffee to go to a warehouse. Then ship to a commercial roaster and then to a retailers warehouse. And then to a retail shelf for a month or two. Coffee which has a shelf life cannot be as fresh. Our coffees don’t sit somewhere losing aroma and flavor after roasting. Your order is custom roasted right here in Texas and shipped out to you within 24 hours.

Fresh Packaging

Our Texas Arabican Coffee coffee is super fresh. We use a more expensive sealed bag with a doo-whacky (the technical term). This regulates the release of internal gas (carbon dioxide) produced by the coffee beans. So, the packaging keeps your roasted coffee as fresh as possible until you use it. As we provide coffee to offices as well as individuals. Depending on how much coffee you consume, you can choose from one or more five pound packages.Coffee Roasting Options

We Roast Coffee Your Way

Selecting fresh Arabica coffee beans gives you the ability to get your coffee order roasted just the way you choose. We custom quick roast right here in Texas and often ship out the next day after your order is received. Our Arabica coffee roast options are (see the chart) green unroasted that is if you want to roast your own coffee beans. Choose from light roast, medium roast, fullcity roast, dark roast, Italian roast, and French roast.

Coffee roasting heats green coffee beans using very controlled methods to specialized temperatures. Generally speaking, the higher and longer the temperatures, the beans heat up and give off moisture. Beans enlarge to twice original size during roasting, turning from light brown, to medium brown, finally to a dark brown. During this process, coffee beans change in natural sweetness, giving off sugars and then gaining sugars the longer and darker the beans are roasted. The coffee roasting process wonderfully stops the combining of the aromas, flavors, sugars, and pH acidity at different nuanced roasting levels. Remember there are no experts but you. Over time learn to trust your own palate to tell you which type of roast is most pleasing as you explore the world of various roasts and coffee brands.

Fair Trade 100% Organic

If you hang around the coffee pot much you’ll eventually hear talk about “eating healthier”. This is what organic is all about: closer to nature. Organic sometimes costs a bit more, but many seem to believe all natural is better for our bodies. And “Fair Trade,” which is an attempt to push quality of life standards out to the folks who own the coffee farms. These growers then are empowered to bless their workers, and we get a good cup of coffee at a reasonable price.

Flavorful Whole Bean Coffee

There are two major coffee plants: robusta and arabica. Arabica is normally found the highest quality gourmet coffee experiences (translation: oh my gosh flavors). Generally the big plastic tubs of coffee you find at the supermarket are full of basic robusta coffee blended from many sources. Nothing wrong with robusta, but often in processing, which involves degassing the beans. This unfortunately removes much of the unique aromas and flavors, leaving a more consistent but less varied flavor and aroma experience.

Texas Arabican Coffee from the Best Growing Regions

Don’t know if you noticed this but nobody actually produces much coffee in the Northern countries like Norway. Or Southern countries like New Zealand. The best coffees are produced in equatorial regions around the world with the right combination of sun, soil, and altitude. We’ve selected arabica coffees from those places: Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Sumatra, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea. For more information on our roasted quick ship Texas arabican coffee from our Texas Gifts and Texas Gourmet Foods collections, click on any picture below.

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