How to Care for your Texas Wood Cutting Board

Wood Care for your Texas Cutting Board

Texas Crazy | How to Care for your Texas Wood Cutting BoardThese cutting boards are made from a variety of hardwoods and assembled with a food safe waterproof glue. They are finished with non-toxic mineral oil, which protects the boards, highlights the grain, and imparts no taste to foods. The boards should last through many years of use. In one clinical comparison safety test, hardwood cutting boards were found superior as bacteria that stayed hours on plastic boards did not on hardwood boards.

With use, the surface of any cutting board may become scored or scratched. Indeed, that is its purpose to protect the edges of your knives. If you want to maintain the original smooth finish of the board, simply turn it over and cut only on the back. You can remove scratches by sanding, then treating with mineral oil.

To clean your board, simply wipe it with a wet cloth, then stand on edge to dry. You can use soapy water if necessary. Although these boards are assembled with waterproof glue, they still should not be soaked in water for long periods or washed in the dishwasher. The reason for this is the nature of wood. All wood expands and contracts as its moisture level changes, and the changes are most pronounced at the ends. Prolonged soaking will eventually cause the boards to split.

To restore the finish on your board, simply wipe it with ordinary mineral oil (available at most drug stores). Let the oil soak in for a few hours, then wipe off the excess with a paper towel.

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