Vintage Extra Large 5 x 8 foot Antiqued Betsy Ross Flag


Celebrate your American history patriotism with a vintage style extra large 5 x 8 foot antiqued Betsy Ross flag from our Antiqued Historical US Flags Decor collection.

This first national flag of the United States is made right here in the USA. The cotton flag as shown is custom tea-stained by hand and so each one will be different, with that wonderful soft, old looking antique flag feel. The flag is handmade of flag material consisting of individual cotton color blocks sewn together, with the thirteen white stars embroidered onto the blue fabric field. This size of Betsy Ross flag normally measures 60 x 96 inches (5 by 8 feet), but you should expect shrinkage of at least four inches in each direction from the antiquing process. Two brass grommet are attached on the flag hoist side. Please note that this 5 x 8 foot flag is designed for interior decoration, and not as an outdoor flag. Should you want to put it in the sun or rain and expose it to the elements, the beautiful colors will not last. We recommend instead to consider our commercial 2 ply poly Texas outdoor flags assortment.

Extra Large 5 x 8 foot Antiqued Betsy Ross Flag meaning

White is the symbol of purity. Blue is the symbol of loyalty. Red is the symbol of bravery. So one may suggest that red under the white means that purity is above bravery and that bravery is the result of pure intentions. The white stars in the middle of a blue field may suggest that loyalty surrounds the pure. The blue side holds to the flagpole and may suggest that loyalty (always holding on and remaining faithful in spite of trial) allows the fly end bravery and purity to wave proudly for all to see and hear.

Pre Antiqued Betsy Ross flag colors

The Betsy Ross flag has the same colors as the current 50 star US flag colors: red, white, and blue.


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