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An old cowboy may have penned this poem: “The West is dead my friend, but writers hold the seed, and what they sow, will live and grow, again for those who read.” So, if you have a hankering to take up pen and paper and bring the west alive again, here’s the “Taking Texas with Me” (TM) handmade leather journal and mesquite antler ballpoint pen to help. From our special collection of authentic Texas gifts, they’re handcrafted, of course, by a born ‘n bred Texas artisan.

The leather on this cowboy journal is 100 percent natural cowhide, so whatever the cow was wearing to the stock yard is what shows up on the journal. It still carries the marks, characteristics and sometimes parts of the brand of the animal that wore it. Not all the journals have a brand, but most show some sort of blemish or two that let you know it the “real” thing. The fastener that keeps the journal closed is a piece of whitetail deer antler gathered on a Texas ranch.

Inside each leather journal is 100 blank pages (200, if you count both sides) of durable, acid-free, cotton-content paper in natural white. The Texas ranger star on the front is a finishing touch, a respectful reminder that the journal came from the Lone Star State.

Each “Taking Texas with Me” (TM) cowboy style handmade leather journal comes with an attractive bookmark that notes the journal authenticity and makes recommendations for its care. The back of the bookmark is blank; it can be used for a personal message. The journal comes in two sizes: 6 x 9 inches and 5 x 7.25 inches.

The matching mesquite antler pen shown below is optional (not included in the price of the leather journals), but may be purchased as an add on by clicking on the picture below.

In addition you can choose to have your journal personalized with monogram or company logo or ranch brand by laser engraving (for details please check out the picture link below).


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