Product Supplier Program

Dear prospective product supplier,

Thanks for your interest in Texas Crazy. We have developed this Product Supplier Program to help us run this business smoothly, keep our relationship with suppliers simple, and suggests ways we all can work well together to help suppliers sell their wares.

Please take a few minutes to review the information below. If you are in agreement, please fill out the Product Supplier Contact Form. After we review it, we will contact you.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us by email or by telephone at 877.892.7299.

Bill and Melba Ellmore / Texas Crazy

1. Purpose and Severability

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One natural expression of our company is to provide Texas products and services in keeping with our stated mission: “We help you celebrate Texas”.

We recognize that a standardized Product Supplier Program will enable customers, product and service suppliers to have a high degree of confidence in Texas Crazy. Suppliers understand that this Program may be revised at any time and without notice.

We also recognize (and welcome) all types of suppliers, from individual artisans to manufacturers to distributors.

Texas Crazy desires to maintain supplier relationships that are mutually beneficial and long term. Should a supplier or Texas Crazy violate the spirit or intent of any of this Product Supplier Program during this relationship, the supplier or Texas Crazy may at their discretion request changes be made in performance or terminate the relationship.

2. Customer Satisfaction

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Texas Crazy maintains a return policy on our Customer Service Center which states, “If you are not happy with your purchase from Texas Crazy for any reason, you may return products in their original unused condition for a refund of the original order’s total product and shipping cost. When the items are received, a refund will be issued for the total purchase price in accordance with the original payment method. Please notify us via this Contact Customer Service Form within 15 days of shipper delivery date. We will give you return options and ask you to prepare it for return shipping in good condition using the original (or similar) shipping container(s). Return shipping charges are non-refundable. COD returns or attempts to return products without using this Contact Customer Service Form may not be accepted or may delay any refund or exchange. Please note: custom, hand crafted, original works, imprinted or products designed to customer specifications are not returnable or exchangeable. For this reason, please make your custom purchase selections carefully.”

Suppliers of “standard” products
agree to accept prepaid returns according to this Customer Satisfaction policy for full merchandise credit (this amount doesn’t include original shipping). Where necessary to satisfy a customer under the returns policy, Texas Crazy will bear the customer’s original shipping expense.

Suppliers of products designed to customer specifications (imprinting, custom, etc.) and original artwork (giclees, sculptures)
are not required to accept returns. However, in lieu of any return, these suppliers agree to demonstrate to the customer and Texas Crazy that they are making a good faith effort to comply with the spirit and intent of the Texas Crazy product description, meeting or exceeding the product details listed on the website.

Special comment by Bill: in the past few years we have had a couple of dozen customers exercise the 15 day review policy to return an item. Our extra low return rate is a function of the pains we take to clearly describe and picture the products on the website, timely shipping by our suppliers and artists, and that we have found Texans and lovers of all things Texas and Western generally drive friendly on the internet. We believe internet shoppers have a higher level of confidence in a company that allows returns of everyday (non-custom) products over one that doesn’t.

3. Virtual Inventory

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Texas Crazy does not normally provide warehouse space or handle merchandise distribution for fulfillment purposes. Rather, we reflect the current inventory that is available for shipment from the your facility (or place of fulfillment) and/or list the lead time for you the supplier to ship the products we display on Texas Crazy.

The supplier agrees to work with us to keep Texas Crazy advised of stock levels and future production conditions of items that Texas Crazy features; especially stock outs and holiday plans, etc., which may affect customer expectation. We may then adjust shipping times and/or availabilities for the affected products on the website until a normal lead time is resumed.

4. Dependable Shipping

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The number of business days required to ship a given Texas Crazy product shall be determined by the supplier and Texas Crazy and if unusual may be listed in that product’s item description on the website. Texas Crazyoperates on the assumption that there are normally five shipping days in the week, with that department “closed” on Saturdays and Sundays. The supplier agrees to ship all orders using that agreed time frame from the date of supplier notification (normally email). A customer order then sent to a supplier on a “two business days item” received on a Friday would result in a shipping date no later than the following Tuesday.

The supplier understands that while orders are FOB supplier, payments to supplier require proof of outbound shipment (shipper tracking number). Suppliers agree to ship merchandise standard ground with tracking from a shipper that uses online package confirmation (USPS, UPS, FedEx) or or provide a method for the customer to receive the goods in a manner that is easily verifiable by Texas Crazy. Texas Crazy prefers to receive an invoice listing the actual freight amount of the order plus that order’s tracking number via email as soon as shipped. The faster we receive this tracking number, the quicker we can notify the customer, and the higher potential customer satisfaction with both supplier products and Texas Crazy service. Texas Crazy will also collect shipping charges from the customer to reimburse the party that pays for shipping.

5. Consistent Packaging and Product Quality

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The supplier understands that cutting corners on packaging quality is not a savings, but results in more breakage, higher returns, and reduced customer confidence. The supplier pledges to use packing materials equal to or better than industry standards to maximize customer satisfaction.

We recognize your expertise. Our expectation is that your quality and design specifications on all Texas Crazy products will always be equal to or better than any original samples and the product descriptions. We encourage you to periodically review all product descriptions on the Texas Crazy website for accuracy. Our desire is to be an important if not the primary marketing arm for your Texas products. The staff at Texas Crazy has many years of experience in marketing and customer service. When we do what we do best (market your products), you can be freed up to focus totally on what you do best- create the finest quality Texas themed products and services.

6. Timely Communications

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Unless the supplier has notified Texas Crazy in advance that they will be unavailable for a time (vacation, etc.) the supplier agrees to respond to any Texas Crazy communications on a next business day basis. For example, communications received from Texas Crazy on a Friday should be responded to no later than the following Monday.

7. Provide Repair Options

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The supplier agrees that any customer product warranty issues BEYOND the 15 day Texas Crazy return policy are a matter between the supplier and the Texas Crazy customer. However, Texas Crazy will attempt to facilitate repair communications and collect repair and shipping fees on products purchased through Texas Crazy on behalf of the supplier. As part of offering a product to Texas Crazy, the supplier will explain normal repair procedures (if any) and/or specific fee(s) for product repair (if any), so information is available for Texas Crazy to share with our customers if asked.

8. Shipment-based Payments

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It is our desire to keep the payments flowing to suppliers on a predictable basis. As mentioned earlier, sending an invoice with tracking number is the trigger we use to collect funds from the customer and post invoices to accounts payable. All confirmed customer shipments (using the shipper tracking number emailed by the supplier to us) will normally be consolidated and paid by check on a bi-weekly basis (unless we’re traveling Texas or something).

Note: on products that are custom made over $ 1,000 at cost, some suppliers use funds from a customer deposit or down payment to purchase materials to make the order. If need be, Texas Crazy can set up those custom products online to require a non-refundable deposit, to enable customer to pay part up front to authorize the order and generate raw material operating funds for the supplier.

9. A Different Path

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Patriotism: We can all work within the system to help build stronger local governments, a stronger Texas and a stronger America. Suppliers of products to Texas Crazy agree to comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws, including reporting all income and paying all taxes due.

Community: Texas Crazy can be simply a business with sales revenue or it can be part of a community, designed to enrich the lives of all who interact with it. As we grow together, hopefully we (visitors, customers, suppliers, and our company) can learn to link resources together in new and innovative ways to empower the whole to support the basic mission of Texas Crazy to celebrate Texas.

Family: Businesses that promote healthy families empower people to be excellent employees. Therefore, we strongly encourage suppliers to promote family time, performance based wage incentives and the use of company growth income for developing employee benefits. If it’s good for the family it’s good for business.

10. Mutual Benefit

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We recognize that each company or business may have established business practices that differ from this “Product Supplier Program” because of the way your organization is set up or normally does business (ex: we just must have a X% restocking fee to accept returns, etc.). You are welcome to contact us to discuss the issues up front to see if a common ground can be reached.

If this Product Supplier Program is acceptable to you, then please fill out the Product Supplier Contact Form.

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