Why Choose Leather Luggage and Other FAQ

Texas Crazy | Why Choose Leather Luggage and Other FAQ

Leather Luggage FAQ

What is leather? Animal hide or skins subjected to a tanning process. An excellent choice material for leather luggage.

What does the tanning process do? It is a scientifically controlled method to convert the raw hide and skins into semi-organic material not susceptible to decay. This leaves the inherent natural virtues of the raw material intact but adds tremendous durability, aesthetic appeal, and physical properties designed to meet specific requirements for use as leather products.

What is full grain leather? Full-grain cowhide is soft and supple with that genuine leather smell. “Full grain” means all the layers, including the top grain of the leather, have been preserved to allow the beauty of the natural leather to shine through. The skins are specially selected, then left deliberately uncorrected. They are then chrome tanned with transparent aniline chemical coloring. This full grain natural leather may be contrasted with “top grain” leather, where some of the top layer of the leather may be shaved off by sanding, then mechanically imprinted with a new leather grain and receives a layer of paint or similar finish.

Texas Crazy | Why Choose Leather Luggage and Other FAQWhat are the advantages of leather?

  • STRENGTH. Under a microscope, a tiny fragment of leather reveals millions of fibers woven in every direction. Because of this interlacing, leather can endure repeated flexing, is strong in relation to its weight and excellent in its ability to resist tension, tears, and pulls to stitching.
  • DURABILITY. The long life of leather is due to both its fiber interlacing and the chemical armor applied by the tanning process. Tanned leather resists many causes of decay and deterioration, including bacteria, temperature change and humidity variation. Because of this, leather products are often passed down to second and even third generations. You’ll also find that your leather items improve their look with age, too.
  • COMFORT. The three-dimensional fiber structure of leather allows for breathability by conducting and dissipating heat and moisture.
  • BEAUTY. The unique look of fine leather has long been celebrated. Leather is a natural product with all that this implies. Each hide has its own individual characteristics, including shade and grain variation and may vary by breed, age, gender and origin. Growth marks, creases and bruises distinguish leather from substitutes that attempt to copy and are features, not faults, in the leather. Over time, leather generally reacts well to your skin chemicals, causing shading in some areas- similar to the patina found on older fine furniture.
    Every leather item is unique because every hide is unique. Leather is an entirely natural product; so don’t expect the uniformity of man-made materials. Leather must be dyed so that it’s surface structure comes closest to the ideal for an exclusive cover material of individual beauty and vibrancy.

How do I take care of my leather luggage? Texas Crazy leather products are easy to care for. In fact, as a general rule, the less you do to it, the better. Unlike fabric, leather is naturally resistant to spills and stains and most marks on luggage can be easily wiped off with a damp towel (water). Modern leather does not need polishing, and it also won’t harden or crack as untanned leather used to do. However if you do have deeply soiled or scratched leather products, consider using LEXOL leather care products to protect and clean leather travel bags.