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2912 womens baby bull western bootsWomen who want to buy a pair of western boots are faced with three options, each with its drawbacks. You can 1: walk in a boot store and buy a boot and take it home today that may fit okay but has the wrong toe and the wrong color, so it ends up sitting in the closet unworn. Or 2: walk in a custom boot maker (we have three in this most western of towns) and they will tell you anywhere from nine months to a year and a half to make you a pair exactly as you envision. Or 3: Come online and buy from Texas Crazy, making your personal selection from over 500 combinations for each pair of our boots (just as you want): size, three widths, five different toes, five different heels, many leather vamps, many coordinated tops, leather or rubber soles, plus optional spur ledge. And our Womens Custom Cowboy Boots usually take from three to five months to make for you instead of a year. More details about this timing issue below:

Womens Custom Western Boot Order Timing

As you consider a pair of womens custom western boots online at TexasCrazy.com, please give special notice to the issue of TIMING. Our goal is to help you celebrate Texas and exceed your expectations rather than disappoint you. As you might imagine exotic leather cowboy boots take time in:

  • Locating (somebody has to raise or catch the critters where they live)
  • Tanning (each animal skin tanning process can be unique and very specialized)
  • Ship (from all over the world to the Hondo bootmaking facility)
  • Schedule (all kinds of boot materials arrive and these need close coordination)
  • Produce (custom handcrafted boots – one at a time using old west methods)
  • Quality control (bootmaking is part art, part science)
  • Pack and ship to you.

So, we share this up front so that when you read anywhere from 3 to 5 months on our custom boot delivery, please understand that is an estimate and not a guarantee. There is a complex process going on behind the scenes and that we think you’ll end up pleased and proud of your boots if you are patient with us on timing. As you add a pair of custom western boots to the cart, you’ll be asked to check that you have been informed of this timing issue. Thanks for your understanding.

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If you see a pair of Hondo mens boots on our website and want a pair in the ladies version, the answer is yes we can have ’em made for you in a ladies size the way you like it. Just let us know the stock number and your boot size and we’ll figure a price up for you.

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