Tooled Leather Luggage Sets

440 brown tooled leather luggage setThis is the place to build one of your own western style vintage tooled leather luggage sets from our Texas Luggage Collection. The more you buy, the more you save!

How it works: Starting from this “Tooled Leather Luggage Sets” page, click on the travel luggage bags below for your set. As you add to the set, you receive an increasing discount, shown on the shopping cart basket as a “category discount”. With a purchase of four pieces, you will receive the maximum online luggage discount. For larger luggage sets or higher quantities for our corporate customers, please contact us, toll-free at 877.892.7299. To build your own tooled leather luggage set, click on the pictures below.

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  • 8423 tooled leather boot bag

    Western Tooled Leather Cowboy Boot Bags

  • 8394 tooled leather boot bag duffel

    Large Tooled Leather Boot Bag Duffel

  • 320 natural tooled leather utility kit

    Tooled Leather Utility Travel Kit

  • 991 tooled leather cosmetic case

    Tooled Leather Cosmetic Train Case

  • 480 Extra Large tooled leather duffel bag

    Oversized Tooled Leather Duffel Bags

  • 990 natural tooled leather vanity travel case

    Tooled Vanity Travel Case

  • 253 tooled leather laptop computer bag in natural

    Tooled Leather Laptop Computer Travel Bags

  • 704 tooled leather satchel

    Hand Tooled Leather Carryon Satchel

  • tooled leather rolling office 4824 brown

    Tooled Leather Rolling Office

  • 809 tooled leather garment bag

    Tooled Leather Garment Bag

  • 8440 deluxe tooled leather suitcase

    Deluxe Tooled Leather Wheeled Suitcase

  • 741 Tooled leather carpet travel bag

    Tooled Leather Carpet Bag

  • Tooled leather carpet boot bag 9513

    Oversize Tooled Leather Carpet Boot Bag

  • tooled leather suitcase carry on travel bag

    Tooled Leather Suitcase Carry On Travel Bag – 20 inch Spinner

  • tooled leather weekender in natural color for men and women

    Tooled Leather Weekender for Men and Women Spinner Carry On


Showing all 15 results