Michael Windberg Art

Celebrate Michael Windberg art, one of our premier Texas artists and painting instructors.

photograph picture of Texas artist Michael Windberg

A short biography:

Michael Windberg, eldest son of legendary Artist of Texas Dalhart Windberg, has made his own mark as a serious painter of Texas art themed landscapes and historical subjects like his Texas Alamo featured below. Michael confesses, “While I enjoy historical images such as these, landscapes will always be my first love.” The ranch home near Goliad has been in the Windberg Heavens Gate Heroes Michael Windbergfamily since 1848, and Michael uses the quiet atmosphere to paint. Michael shared, “I have painted in Colorado and Wyoming, but you just can’t beat Texas landscapes for those soft, tranquil scenes we all love”.

Michael has also gained a unique painting perspective from his work as an art conservator. “I have been restoring old oil paintings for more than 15 years, and each one I do teaches me something I can apply to my own work.”

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