About Us

Our Name

Texas Crazy doesn’t mean “crazy Texans,” although our intense love of the state and attitudes might make some people think that. It really means “we are highly enthusiastic about Texas,” but in true Lone Star fashion why waste time with five or six words when we can say it in just two?

What We Do

We find established artists, craftsmen and suppliers who have unique, quality products that reflect the quality, artistry and originality that Texas is known for. Our product line includes items as varied as gourmet foods, patio furniture, museum-quality limited-edition prints and sculptures, rich leather goods and fine metal artwork. We offer personalized service in getting those products to the marketplace – to you.

Who We Are

TexasCrazy is owned by a native Texan – born near the Rio Grande and raised near the Red River – and a Californian who got here as fast as he could. We love God, family, country, Texas sunsets and floppy-eared Labradors. Most of all, we love spreading Texas far and wide.

Who You Are

You love Texas and all things Texan. You love quality products and personalized service. You are Texas residents, Texas ex-patriots, and friends of Texas from everywhere.

Where Business Meets Patriotism

We are pro-Texas and pro-America. We believe that the flavor of Texas flavors our nation. We want to encourage the vision, skill and talent of our homegrown artisans and craftsmen. In our own small way we seek to keep alive and preserve our heritage, create community, establish mutual benefit and have fun while we are doing it.

What We Love About Texas

We love and celebrate the history, reality and mystique of Texas – warts and all. We love what Texans stand for: rugged individualism, personal initiative, courage, faith, friendliness, hospitality, courtesy, optimism, ingenuity. We gladly embrace the stereotypes (because many of them are true): big hats and big hair, wheeler-dealers and windy talkers, hat tippin’ “aw shucks” cowboys, and fiery headstrong cowgirls.

We love the diversity of the Lone Star State:

  • Western ruggedness, Southern charm, Eastern intellect
  • Bluebonnets and paintbrushes, pecans and oaks
  • Mockingbirds and whooping cranes, cottontail deer and armadillos
  • Texas accents – and they’re not all the same
  • Gulf coast beaches, West Texas mountains, Panhandle plains, East Texas piney woods, Central Texas hills
  • Ranchers, farmers, bankers, lawyers, plant workers, artists, scientists, teachers, doctors, athletes, astronauts
  • Microchips, potato chips, cow chips
  • Small towns, big cities, county seats
  • Summer sunshine, fall northers, winter snow, spring thunderstorms
  • English, Spanish, German and every culture under the sun
  • Van Cliburn and George Strait, stock shows and ballet, honky-tonks and symphonies

Why We Do What We Do

Underlying all our wonder and enjoyment of this beautiful Lone Star State is the knowledge that it was designed intentionally as a gift for us to enjoy, and no gift is greater than its giver. God is kind to all, bringing hope for tomorrow and His love for today. We celebrate God: the premier artist of Texas.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the works of His hands…”