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Lyle Lovett: That’s Right, He Is From Texas!

Lyle Lovett
Photo by Steve Hopson Photography. Used with permission.

A true Texas Original and TexasCrazy favorite is singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett, born and raised in Klein, Texas. Although most often labeled a “country” singer, he excels in music as varied as the state he calls home: folk, pop, gospel, blues, rock, jazz and big band.

A few of Lyle’s better known and offbeat lyrics include: “Penguins are so sensitive to my needs”, “You can have my girl but don’t touch my hat”, and “That’s right, you’re not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway!” (Our unofficial TexasCrazy theme song.)

With what has often been described as a “cult following” of dedicated fans, Lyle often sells out concerts, especially in Texas.  He is usually accompanied by four outstanding gospel-trained back-up singers and his “Large Band,” which is indeed quite large and includes everything from cello to steel guitar.

Looking like a cross between cowboys and accountants, Lyle and his band are almost always impeccably dressed in suits, boots, ties and cowboy hats.   And with the same type of quirkiness that he brings to his music, his very funny between-song commentary adds just the right touch to an always excellent show!