Battle of San Jacinto Art Print Henry McArdle



Framed art print reproduction of the Battle of San Jacinto painting by Henry McArdle, from our Texas history art and Texas office decor collections. Completed in 1898, McArdle’s notebooks reveal extensive research into the facts behind this victory battle in the 1836 Texas revolution war with Santa Anna’s Mexican forces. The original oil painting of this reproduction (a Texas treasure) hangs in the Senate Chamber in the Texas House of Representative at the Texas Capitol building in Austin, Texas.

This open photographic art reproduction print measures roughly 24W x 14H. We also offer several framing options of this San Jacinto artwork in either a reclaimed wood barnwood or custom beaded frame.

Battle of San Jacinto Summary

On April 21, 1836, on a battleground location site in what is now Harris County, following defeats sustained at the Texas Alamo in San Antonio and the massacre at Goliad Texas, General Sam Houston lead a successful surprise attack on the Mexican force. Resting between battles, the Mexican soldiers had superior numbers, but were unprepared to respond militarily in a battle with the Texians lasting under an hour.

With exclamations of “Remember the Alamo” and “Remember Goliad” and carrying what is credited as the Sherman San Jacinto battle flag, the Texian force fought and quickly overran the enemy camp. General Santa Anna was subsequently captured and forced to sign a treaties, the outcome of which results ended hostilities with the Texian forces and opened the door for the independence of this nation to grow: the Republic of Texas.


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