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Coffee cup attitudes

Bill and I have a morning ritual that we have observed for the past three years without fail (almost). It is has become part of our DNA and when we miss it, we get a bit out of kilter. Each morning after performing our necessary tasks (feeding the dog, making coffee, etc.), we sit down on our favorite spots on the living rooms sofa, cup of coffee in hand, and simply chat.
Some days we are bright-eyed and alert, other days, bleary-eyed and sleepy. Occasionally we get to sit for a couple of hours (we work out of our home), and other days only 15 minutes, usually when the inevitable tasks and responsibilities of running a business can’t be put off any longer.

Wiley coyote meets Sky Ranch Mug
Coffee mug showdown
If a casual observer were to zoom in on us, they could probably determine the tone of the conversation from the type of coffee cup we hold. Most days we favor our big Sky Ranch coffee mugs. They hold a lot and when we’re in a talkative mood, they allow us to linger. On days when the conversation is serious or we are pressed for time, small simple porcelain cups suffice. But often, when despite the upcoming busyness of the day, the mood is light and we’ve started the day teasing and laughing, we sip on our prized Wiley Coyote plastic mugs. It’s difficult to be in a bad mood when you look toward your spouse and see one hand grasping the handle, and the other resting lightly on the tip of Wiley’s long nose.

In addition to our large (16 ounces), western Sky Ranch coffee mugs, we recommend all couples get at least two very goofy drinking cups. This will definitely promote a happy and “don’t take yourself too seriously” attitude!